Saturday, 27 July 2013

Using SXT to teach sexual & reproductive health

Picture a Friday lunchtime after the food in warm canteen with the bench seats full of young people visiting their key workers and friends at

The projector is perched on a box, illuminating a screen perched on a fireplace, and the iPad is connect to this device as well as the internet via a hotspot on Jason Shonibare's [Kid's Company staff] iPhone.

Some of the young people don't want to commit to a presentation on sexual and reproductive health by a man with a tie and they strategically position themselves by the door the is open to let in some cool air.

The class outline has four parts and SXT is essential to the first three.

What is the most effective contraception?
Name the sexually transmitted infections that can give you lumps and bumps?
Where is the nearest local provider who offers these services and is open now?
How do you diagnose HIV in one minute?

Sexual health information is very easy to find in SXT and even though the internet connection was slow it was possible to use the website in real time for the Kid's company audience.
With two clicks we were on the page of the most effective contraception methods with the most effective method (the sub dermal implant) at the top of the list.  When the implant is selected then a short summary sentence is provided and a link to information from the Family Planing Association (

Once the SXT client has been given the information they require the next question is where can I get this service.  The picture below is of the local providers in the SW9 postcode area of London that could provide an implant service today.  The search was made at 11am on Saturday 27th July 2013.

The presentation ended with a demonstration of a one minute (INSTI) HIV test for HIV1/2 antibodies.  In the 30 minutes there were questions from a quarter of the audience and the numbers did not change over time.  Everybody was given an SXT card at the end of the lesson so that they can use the web, mobile and SMS service in their own time.

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