Friday 10 October 2014

Return on investment - SXT is looking for partners to run highly effective prevention campaigns

Return on investment (ROI) is key for all the stakeholders in health care delivery.

Most ROI calculations are taken from the perspective of costs to the NHS

It has been estimated that for every pound spent on contraception £11 is saved by the NHS.

A range of ROIs has recently been published by the King's Fund and Local Government in their publication 'Making the case for public interventions'

SXT has just run a campaign to help clients find access to post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) which if taken after sexual exposure to HIV can reduce transmission of the potentially fatal virus.

It has been estimated that PEP needs to be given to 217 high risk exposures to prevent one person contracting HIV whilst the lifetime cost of HIV to the NHS has been estimated to be £320,000.

In the recent Google Adword campaign run in London, Brighton & Manchester 43 clients used SXT to find PEP.  Using very strict criteria to estimate the cost of this campaign it has been estimated that for every pound spent on this campaign £2 would be saved by the NHS.

This figure includes the costs of attending the clinic and medications whilst the cost of targeted Google Adword advertising represents less than 1% of the total cost to prevent one infection.

SXT is now looking for partners to pay for prevention programs that have the following features:

1.Demonstrate a clear return on investment
2.Utilize the power of digital public health marketing tools
3.Support providers to engage with SXT and clearly map their services so that clients can find the right service in the right place at the right time
4.Optimize the delivery of time sensitive services that have a significant public health value

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