Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bringing data to life on www.sxt.org.uk – what our analytics can do for providers

SXT Health CIC is a social enterprise with a mission to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services. Its website www.sxt.org.uk signposts members of the public to the SRH services. It then stores that information, anonymously, and makes it available to providers so that they can understand how and why their services are being used.

When it comes to marketing your services, it's difficult to predict what the most effective strategy will be. It's not always easy to answer the key questions:
  • Where are our clients coming from?
  • Why did they come to us?
  • Did they get the service they wanted?
It is possible to extract this data from www.sxt.org.uk, even though the client is completely anonymous.  SXT Health CIC is committed to providing its stakeholders with high quality information, so that together we can improve access to services.
For providers, analytics and clinic feedback pages have been created.  The analytics page shows what services clients have looked for and which provider they chose.  It is possible to see this in two formats: as a heat map or listed chronologically.  All this data can be downloaded for in depth analysis too.

The video below shows how each provider can see how they are supporting access to sexual & reproductive health services.

If you are a provider and would like to help improve access to sexual & reproductive health services please visit www.sxt.org.uk to join.

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