Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What can do for clients, providers, commissioners and public health

SXT Health CIC is a social enterprise with a mission to improve access to sexual & reproductive health services. It has created - a mobile enabled website with a lot to offer to clients, providers, commissioners and pubic health.

Clients has been designed first and foremost for clients - to help them find the right health service in the right place at the right time.  

The website works on all machines regardless of their screen size, and, thanks to responsive programming, it also works on mobile phones without the client needing to download an App.  

It is possible for the client to share pages from the website by email or SMS to, for example, inform a partner of available services. This can be done anonymously if the client wishes. Finally, there is a slide out feedback form so that clients can score the SXT service. This is currently completed by 8.5% of clients and 81% give a score of eight or more out of ten.


Changes have been made to the ‘back end’ of the website to help providers overcome some of the IT difficulties they may encounter at work, e.g. with older internet browsers.  Firstly, providers can sign up and edit their SXT pages, quickly and simply, on a smartphone.  

Providers can use their page on as a flexible advert, giving up to the minute information on opening times, services available, how/whether to book, and how best to travel to them. They can give different staff management rights over the page. And they can access analytics on how/why their services are being used, as well as feedback from clients.


It is difficult to appreciate where there are gaps in service and yet this information is key to optimize commissioning.  Gap analysis is available in real-time within, so that commissioners can view client use and providers chosen, with an oversight of provision that can be filtered by service, hours of operation and location.  

The impact of targeted marketing can be visualized in, where it is possible to see usage for a specific location and providers chosen, to determine client behaviour.  Like for providers, this information can be downloaded in formats that support analysis in separate software to inform and develop future programs.

Public health

This is a confidential service for all users, but it is possible to, anonymously, follow the client's journey through the website - from digital public health advert, to finding a provider, right through to whether they received a service, which they can rate with a simple thumbs up | thumbs down.  

The anonymous digital end-to-end tracking makes it possible for the first time to calculate an objective return on investment for public health marketing campaigns.

To fins out more, please visit, or watch this 5 minute film.

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