Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Filling the Gap – what can do for health commissioners

SXT Health CIC is a social enterprise with a mission to improve access to sexual and reproductive health services. Its website signposts members of the public to the right SRH service, in the right place, at the right time, and is designed to meet the needs not just of patients, but of providers and commissioners too.

For health commissioners, real-time gap analysis is essential to understand who is doing what, where and when. To deliver high quality gap analysis it is important that:
1. all sexual & reproductive health services are in one database
2. the same database can be reviewed as a map & a list of providers
3. the provider list can be filtered by the services provided
4. the services can be filtered by location & the hours of service can provide real-time gap analysis and commissioners can apply for access to a special login that provides the level of oversight cited above. Once high quality real-time information is available it is then possible to commission services where there are gaps.

The database is growing all the time and the flexibility of this tool supports providers in keeping their data up to date. As more commissioners and providers engage with it is possible to enter a virtuous cycle where the service can develop in line with local intelligence about demand and other public health indices. The analytics dashboard for commissioners enables them to set filter (A) by the area of the search, service group and date ranges. It is also possible to see real-time use (B) of and identify when a client used the service, what they were looking for and which provider they chose. Feedback about (C) and confirmation that the client received the service can also be seen on this dashboard.

If you would like to login to as a commissioner please email

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